UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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中國養老保障政策分析 : 基於廣東省珠海市的實證研究 check Full Text
胡夢婷 陳建新 2016. Master
毛細管電泳測定多種農藥有毒降解產物的分析方法研究 check Full Text
胡季 李鵬 2016. Master
農村土地承包經營權流轉的法律問題研究 = Research on the circulation legal issues of the contracted management right of rural land check Full Text
胡守鑫 唐曉晴 2016. Master
論公司集團中受控公司債權人的法律保護 = The legal protection for creditors of controlled company in corporate groups check Full Text
胡月 Wang, Wei 2016. Master
論高行健小說的現代性追求 check Full Text
莊園, 朱壽桐 2016. Doctoral
論澳門 "商法典" 述之不正當競爭條款 = A study on the articles of unfair competition in the "Macau Commercial Code" check Full Text
莫綺玲 范劍虹 2016. Master
不作為犯罪因果關係研究 = Research on causality in negative crimes check Full Text
葉欣沂 趙國強 2016. Master
"對賭協議" 主體合法性研究 = Study on the legitimacy of subjects of a "Valuation Adjustment Mechanism" check Full Text
董佩蓉 范劍虹 2016. Master
政府角色的轉換與產業政策的轉變 : 論其對湛江市水產業發展的影響 check Full Text
蒙潔敏 吳德榮 2016. Master
房地產企業破產中購房者權益保護研究 = The protection of the estate consumers' rights in bankruptcy procedure of real estate companies check Full Text
蔡葛勝 范劍虹 2016. Master

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