UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author arrow_drop_up Supervisor Issue Date Degree
A qualitative study : Chinese father's experiences of living with a child with autism spectrum disorder check Full Text
Hou, Qian Hua Schalkwyk, Gertina J. van 2014. Master
Explaining China's behavior in keystone international financial institutions : learning, adaptation and reshaping?
Hou, Xiao Chen Wang Jianwei 2014. Master
An empirical study of the relationship between the market structure of the Chinese banking industry and economic growth check Full Text
Hu, Chen Yuan Ho, Wai Hong 2014. Master
Teaching translation of function's graphs based on APOS theory and RMI principle : an experimental study using dynamics geometry software check Full Text
Hu, Ling 江春蓮 2014. Master
A study of code-switching in a grade eight English classroom in a Zhuhai's middle school check Full Text
Hu, Ming Zhu Kuong, Io Kei 2014. Master
Nationalism and Chinese foreign policy after 1978 : a neoclassical realism interpretation check Full Text
Huang, Lan Fang Song Weiqing 2014. Master
The ritual space of Hongsheng Dawang and his five sons in "Nangang Fifteen Xiang"
Huang, Mei Ling 朱天舒 2014. Master
Augmented statistical Chinese parsing via graph propagation check Full Text
Huang, Qiu Qing Chao, Sam 2014. Master
Automotive engine air-ratio control using online time-sequence incremental and decremental least-squares support vector machines and fuzzy optimization check Full Text
Huang, Shao Jia Wong, Pak Kin 2014. Master
Traducao comentada de Azul-Corvo check Full Text
Huang, Ting Magalhaes, Raquel Abi-Samara 2014. Master

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