UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author arrow_drop_up Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Comparative study of soil constitutive models on simulation of a diaphragm walled excavation in Macao alluvium /
Ng, Chi Hong Lok, Man Hoi 2009. Master
The acquisition of English Wh-relative clauses by Cantonese-speaking Chinese learners of English in Macao /
Ng, Ka Ian 2009. Master
Support vector machines for automotive engine ignition signal analysis and inspection /
Ng, Man Chi Vong, Chi Man 2009. Master
Analysing the code switching phenomenon in a Form 1 English classroom in Macau : a qualitative case study /
Pui, S. W. Wong, Ming Wai 2009. Master
Performance analysis for traffic intensive web-based workflow applications /
Pun, Ka I Si, Yain Whar 2009. Master
An investigation on 3D shape similarity assessment for design re-usage /
Quan, Lu Lin Yang, Zhi Xin 2009. Master
Subsidios para uma autonomizacao e tipificacao de um contrato principal numa parceria publico-privada : o Contrato de Parceria /
Ribeiro, Joao 2009. Master
Justiça restaurativa : um caminho positivo na resposta ao crime : conceito, modelos e alguma (maior ou menor) prática /
Robalo, Teresa Lancry de Albuquerque e Sousa, Rodrigues, Anabela Miranda 2009. Master
Macao temple poems /
Seak, Petra Kelen Christopher 2009. Master
Study of Geofiber with modified direct shear /
Sein, Ye Htut Lok, Man Hoi 2009. Master

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