UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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林曉彤 唐小為 2023. Master
兩漢教育制度與教育文化研究 : 以文法吏教育為中心
周康橋 鄧駿捷 2023. Doctoral
文穩 唐曉晴 2023. Doctoral
論視訊庭審在民事訴訟中的運用 : 澳門可行性之探討 = Discuss with application of videoconferencing in court hearing of civil procedure : the exploration of feasibility in Macao SAR
蔡靜盈 稅兵 2023. Master
論汪曾祺小說創作的"衰年變法" = On Wang Zengqi's reform of novel creation in his old age check Full Text
馬一戈 朱壽桐 2023. Master
民辦職業學校青年教師專業發展 : 一個「雙師型」視角 check Full Text
謝芾萍 周憶粟 2023. Master
南通方言新老派辭彙對比研究 = Vocabulary difference between the old and new varieties of the Nantong dialect check Full Text
孫文逸 邵朝陽 2023. Master
內地遊客視角下澳門酒店業發展的影響因素研究 = Research on the influencing factors of Macau's hotel industry development from the perspective of Mainland tourists
楊雨薇 林玉鳳 2023. Master
內在光 : 視覺藝術中精神的直接表達
江濤 梁藍波 2023. Doctoral
歐陽修酬唱詩創作研究 = The research of Ouyang Xiu's responding poems check Full Text
常毓晗 鄧駿捷 2023. Master

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