UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門社團參與橫琴粵澳深度合作區社會治理角色研究: 澳門街坊總會案例 = Research on the role of the Macao social organizations in the governance of Guangdong-Macao in-depth cooperation zone in Hengqin: the Neighborhood Union case
關小婧 林玉鳳 2022. Master
澳門書面粵語共時和歷時的變異 = The variation of written Cantonese in Macao in apparent time and real time check Full Text
馬卉嘉 張璟瑋 2022. Master
澳門特別行政區道路交通中行政違法制度的研究 = Research on administrative infractions system in road traffic in Macau Special Administrative Region check Full Text
鄭嘉瑤 邱庭彪 2022. Master
澳門未成年人刑事紀錄保密之研究 = Research on the confidentiality of juvenile criminal records of Macau check Full Text
楊嘉霽 李哲 2022. Master
澳門文化體·現代畫會的發展歷程及影響 = The development history and influence of Macao cultural group: modern painting association
楊若然 邢榮發 2022. Master
澳門文學中的城市書寫與想象 : 以嚴歌苓、郁達夫等為例 = Urban writing and imagination in Macau literature : a case study of Yan Geling and Yu Dafu check Full Text
鄧凱月 龔剛 2022. Master
澳門刑事偵查權限問題研究 = Study on the issues of Macao criminal investigation competence check Full Text
何智偉 李哲 2022. Master
澳門學校教師評鑑制度與教師工作滿意度之研究 check Full Text
林冰冰 吳梅君 2022. Master
澳門幼稚園教師對融合教育的態度與教師自我效能現狀研究 check Full Text
李淑敏 施達明 2022. Master
澳門幼稚園融合教師對於融合教育現況、困境、需求之研究 check Full Text
程文英 劉乃華 2022. Master

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