UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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A mixed methods approach to investigating the roles of technological pedagogical content knowledge and attitudes towards technology in technology use in a sample of Chinese university EFL teachers check Full Text
Zhang, Meng Du Jian Xia 2021. Doctoral
A network pharmacology-based study on the quality control markets of antithrombotic herbal pair : using salvia miltiorrhiza-Chuanxiong Rhizoma as an example check Full Text
Peng, Ruo Qian 陳勁 2021. Master
A new method of flexible simple delivery on digital microfluidics check Full Text
Li, Hao Ran Jia, Yanwei 2021. Doctoral
A new resolution to solve the commercial dispute under the Belt and Road : combination of the mediation and arbitration check Full Text
Yu, Yue 魏丹 2021. Master
A novel method for stroke adjustment in Chinese character synthesis process check Full Text
Bian, Qian Nan 張立明 2021. Master
A numerical study of the distribution of chemotherapeutic drug carmustine in brain glioblastoma / by Hongyu Chen. check Full Text
Chen, Hong Yu Hu, Guang Hui 2021. Master
A posterioi error estimation of finite element solutions for Kohn-Sham and time-dependent Kohn-Sham equations check Full Text
Shen, Ye Dan Hu, Guang Hui 2021. Doctoral
A power-efficient time-interleaved noise-shaping SAR ADC for wdeband communications check Full Text
Zhao, Shu Lin Sin, Sai-Weng 2021. Master
A preconditoner based on sine transform for the two-dimensional Riesz space-fractional diffusion equation with a nonlinear reaction term check Full Text
Dong, Jia Mei Sun, Hai Wei 2021. Master
A real-time neural spike sorting system and its application on neural decoding check Full Text
Wang, Pan Ke Vai, Mang I 2021. Doctoral

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