UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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個人信息保護中 "同意" 的法律規則 = Legal rules of "consent" in personal information protection check Full Text
唐嘉駿 稅兵 2020. Master
個人信息行政侵害之救濟 = Relief measures after personal information is infringed by administrative organs check Full Text
李天驕 蔣朝陽 2020. Master
個人與社會責任模式融入大學體育課程之行動研究 check Full Text
林嘉樂 李思敏 2020. Master
個性化推薦的法律問題研究 = Research on the legal issues of personalized recommendation service check Full Text
林思揚 税兵 2020. Master
跟蹤纏擾行為刑事化研究 = Research on criminalization of stalking and harassment check Full Text
蔡南南 邱庭彪 2020. Master
公司瑕疵減資中的債權人保護 = The defective reduction of capital and creditor protection check Full Text
李華鋒 王薇 2020. Master
構字語境對 "說文" "羊" 部件字構意影響的研究 = Study on the influence of Chinese word-formation language environment on Chinese character configuration and meaning of Yang words in Shuo Wen Jie Zi check Full Text
徐嘉憶 邵朝陽 2020. Master
廣東省幼兒體力活動水平研究 : 基於幼兒身體活動觀察記錄系統的評估 check Full Text
郭凱 胡碧穎 2020. Master
廣州方言普通話變異音系研究 check Full Text
趙梓汛 侍建國 2020. Doctoral
國際不正當競爭法律衝突問題研究 = Research on the conflict of laws in international unfair competition check Full Text
祁博雅 范劍虹 2020. Master

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