UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門行政訴訟管轄問題研究 = A study on the jurisdiction of administrative litigation in Macao check Full Text
布家明 蔣朝陽 2020. Master
澳門行政長官的媒介形象分析 = An analysis of chief executive of Macau's media image check Full Text
陳葉冰 Chen, Huai Lin 2020. Master
澳門行政爭議仲裁制度研究 = Study on arbitration of administrative disputes of Macao check Full Text
郭邵文 何慶文 2020. Master
澳門學校採用的兩套初中中文教科書的比較研究 check Full Text
顧雅麗 鄭振偉 2020. Master
澳門一人有限公司中股東責任與債權人權利的平衡 : 以公司法人格否定論述 = The balance between shareholder's responsibility and creditor's rights in single shareholder private company : discuss with disregarding of corporate personality check Full Text
陳慧琦 稅兵 2020. Master
澳門應對颱風的公共危機管理研究 : 以 颱風 "天鴿" 和 "山竹" 為例 check Full Text
黃俊傑 何秋祥 2020. Master
澳門幼兒教師的職業認同感和職業生涯規劃現狀的研究 check Full Text
王雅瑋 周憶粟 2020. Master
澳門中學生語言使用及語言態度調查 = A research of high school students' languageuse and language attitudein Macau check Full Text
黃惠虹 邵朝陽 2020. Master
保理合同與相鄰概念比較研究 = A comparative research on factoring contract and neighboring concepts check Full Text
楊卓然 稅兵 2020. Master
被害人的權利保障若干問題研究 : 以澳門法律為視角 = Issues on the protection of victims' rights from the perspective of Macau law check Full Text
林楠曦 李哲 2020. Master

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