UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title arrow_drop_up Author Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Ultrafine particles at suburban and roadside sites and their relationships with primary and secondary pollutants / check Full Text
Choi, Weng Chun Li, Yong Jie 2019. Master
Uma reflexão sobre a subjetividade do tradutor baseada na análise comparativa das traduções do Chinês para o Português de Qiu Ye, de Lu Xun / check Full Text
Yang, Gen Di 姚京明 2019. Master
Uma reflexão sobre a tradução (de Chinês para Português) da obra Crónica de Um Vendedor de Sangue [Xu Sanguan Mai Xie Ji] : a lacuna cultural e a compensação de tradução / check Full Text
Yan, Ming Zhang, Jing 2019. Master
Uma revista ao instituto da suspensão da execuçã das penas no context de Macau / check Full Text
Kan, Sut Kei Vera Lucia Raposo 2019. Master
Understanding Macau early career secondary English teachers' commitment toand motivations for teaching / check Full Text
Wan, Soi Kei Yu, Shu Lin 2019. Master
Understanding school culture and its relationship with school leadership : a case study of a school in Macau / check Full Text
Guo, Fang Qi 周憶粟 2019. Master
Understanding the decision-making process of Mainland Chinese outbound tourists / check Full Text
Guo, Ting Liu, Xiao Ming 2019. Master
Understanding the professional identity changes of early career English language teachers (ECELTs) in Macau : a case study / check Full Text
Yuan, Kai Hao Yu, Shu Lin 2019. Master
Use of antipsychotic and concomitant medications in Asian adult schizophrenia patients : research on Asian psychotropic prescription pattern, the fourth survey / check Full Text
Dong, Min Xiang Yu Tao 2019. Doctoral
Vanadium-based nanostructures as high-performance catalysts for water electrolysis / check Full Text
Yang, Ming Yang Pan Hui 2019. Doctoral

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