UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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生命教育課程對於中學生自我概念理解之研究 : 陳婷 = The study on the impact of life education program on students' self-concept in secondary schools / Chen Ting. check Full Text
陳婷 劉乃華 2019. Master
聲調的輸入對輸出的影響 : 以上聲調教學為例 = Effects of two third-tone variants' input on learners' output accuracy check Full Text
陳聰 侍建國 2019. Master
聲旁位置信息對形聲字識別的影響 : 以漢語母語者和二語者為例 = The position effect of phonetic radicals on the Chinese phonogram recognition : a study of Chinese native and non-native speakers check Full Text
劉寶寶 靳洪剛 2019. Master
視頻聚合平台著作權侵權問題研究 = Research on the copyright infringement of video aggregation platforms check Full Text
劉丹婷 稅兵 2019. Master
試論信息中介參與互聯網治理的權力依據 = The basis power for information intermediary to participate in Internet governance check Full Text
李冬 翟小波 2019. Master
碩士學位論文指導反饋輿 [sic] 學生反饋感知的研究 : 以澳門大學為例 check Full Text
李麗艷 吳梅君 2019. Master
探索臨時仲裁制度在中國的構建與發展 : 以中國自貿區仲裁制度變革為視角 = Research on establishment and development of ad hoc arbitration in China : from the perspective of arbitration system reform in China's pilot free trade area check Full Text
徐威 杜立 2019. Master
探討澳門發展財富管理產業的途徑選擇 check Full Text
江良里 陳建新 2019. Master
探討澳門人才政策及措施的執行情況 = The implementation of Macao talent policies and measures check Full Text
賴家欣 蕭揚輝 2019. Master
探討實施 "翻轉課堂" 在不同組合的多媒體對小學生學習數學的成效與態度影響 check Full Text
余翠麗 范進偉 2019. Master

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