UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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論澳門賭債案件在中國內地的法律適用問題 : 兼論特徵性履行說, 最密切聯繫原則與公共秩序保留原則 = The legal application of Macao gambling debt case in Mainland China : theory of the characteristic performance, the doctrine of the most significant relationship and the doctrine of reservation of public order check Full Text
薛宇 范劍虹 2019. Master
論澳門公共行政改革模式 = Macao's public sector reform paradigm check Full Text
肖巧雲 余永逸 2019. Master
論澳門刑事訴訟中的民事賠償制度 = Discussing the civil compensation regime in the criminal proceedings in Macao check Full Text
鄭紹康 李哲 2019. Master
論澳門刑事訴訟中監聽的制度與修訂 = On the system and revision of monitoring in criminal proceedings in Macao check Full Text
黎頴珊 李哲 2019. Master
論澳門證人保護制度及其完善 = The witness protection in Macao and its development opportunity check Full Text
戴暉樺 李哲 2019. Master
論本澳投資及技術居留法律制度 = Discussion on the investors, managerial personnel, technical and professional qualification holders' residency schemeof Macao check Full Text
鄧碧瑩 邱庭彪 2019. Master
論第 7/2013 號法律 (俗稱 "樓花法" ) 產生的若干問題 check Full Text
梁采怡 蘇建峰 2019. Master
論股權回購條款的效力 : 以中國內地法為視角 = The validity of share repurchase clauses : from the perspective of Mainland China law check Full Text
唐瑾 稅兵 2019. Master
論老舍早期文藝思想 = The early literary thought of Lao She check Full Text
霍怡帆 龔剛 2019. Master
論馬洛伊. 山多爾 "燭燼" 的人性與命運探尋 = The exploration of human nature and destiny of Embers by Marai Sándor check Full Text
王芬 龔剛 2019. Master

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