UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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廣東省醫師多點執業現狀和政策研究 check Full Text
李丹婷 陳建新 2018. Master
廣州話關係從句的類型學研究 = A typological study of relative clauses in Cantonese check Full Text
曹珊 劉鴻勇 2018. Master
國際貨物買賣中關於風險轉移的研究 = Study on the transfer of risks in the international good trade check Full Text
何亦樓 范劍虹 2018. Master
國際商事仲裁中第三方資助的研究 = Research on third-party funding in international commercial arbitration check Full Text
楊舒淇 魏丹 2018. Master
海峽兩岸暨港澳地區初中科學課程標準中學習目標的分析與比較 : 基於布盧姆教育目標分類學 / an analysis based on revised Bloom's taxonomy / Ou YiTong. check Full Text
區倚彤 魏冰 2018. Master
海洋環境污染犯罪刑法規制問題研究 : 以渤海環境污染為視角 = A study on criminal regulation of marine environmental pollution : from the perspective of environmental pollution in Bohai Sea check Full Text
劉卓 趙國強 2018. Master
漢代碑銘中的人物研究 check Full Text
楊笑菡 鄧駿捷 2018. Doctoral
漢日心理動詞構式對比研究 check Full Text
鄒奇鳳 陳訪澤 2018. Doctoral
何處是歸宿 : 論三毛的死亡美學 = What is the destination? : a study on the death aesthetics of Chinese essayist San Mao check Full Text
趙雅歡 龔剛 2018. Master
湖北黃岡 (黃州)方言連讀變調及詞庫構成= Lexical tone Sandhi and the lexical organization of Huanggang dialect check Full Text
鍾思琪 許德寶 2018. Master

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