UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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論我國民事執行參與分配制度研究 = The study of participation in distribution system in the civil execution proceedings check Full Text
寧詩曼 王薇 2018. Master
論行政行為與行政訴訟受案範圍的關係 = On the relationship between the administrative act and the scope of accepting cases in administrative litigation check Full Text
李旭源 蔣朝陽 2018. Master
論智能手機預置應用程式與澳門消費者權益保護 = Research on pre-installed application in smartphone and protection of consumer rights of Macau check Full Text
楊晉 杜立 2018. Master
論中國大陸夫妻共同債務的舉證責任分配 = Discussion about the burden of proof distribution of spousal community debts in mainland China check Full Text
黃泳儀 梁靜姮 2018. Master
論中國大陸直接面向消費者的基因檢測之監管 = A study on regulatory controls for direct-to-consumer genetic testing in Mainland China check Full Text
蔡禕禕 杜立 2018. Master
論中國法語境下仲裁裁決國籍認定的困境及其對策 = On the dilemma and countermeasures of identifying nationality of arbitral awards on the context of Chinese law check Full Text
張俊 杜立 2018. Master
苗族文化對於苗族母親教養觀影響之研究 check Full Text
陸婷婷 劉乃華 2018. Master
民法中的哲學 : 民法上實質 (substantia) 與本質 (essentia) 理論的古典哲學起源與演變 check Full Text
吳奇琦, 唐曉晴 2018. Doctoral
民國詞人喬大壯研究 check Full Text
胡善兵 施議對 2018. Doctoral
默示沉默權制度探究 : 以歐洲人權法院典型裁判為視角 = Research into the system of the implied right to silence : from prospect of typical judgment by European Court of Human Rights check Full Text
王伯元 王薇 2018. Master

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