UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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急性低氧高強度間歇運動對男性運動愛好者心輸出功能的影響 check Full Text
田雨 孔兆偉 2018. Master
家長的創造性人格特質與他們如何創設有助於幼齡子女創造力發展的家庭氛圍及閱讀環境之關係 check Full Text
余愷珊 黃鏡英 2018. Master
家長讀寫活動和幼兒讀寫行為與幼兒閱讀態度的關係 check Full Text
趙浩男 施達明 2018. Master
檢察機關提起環境民事公益訴訟的相關問題研究 = Research on the relevant issues of environmental civil public interest litigation filed by procuratorial organ check Full Text
方瑞安 范劍虹 2018. Master
類型學視角下的蒙古語名詞性結構研究 = A typological study of Mongolian nominal structures check Full Text
赫如意 劉鴻勇 2018. Master
理解式球類教學學習效果報告 check Full Text
馮偉賢 何敬恩 2018. Master
略論澳門特別行政區行政主導政治體制 = A brief study on executive-led political system of Special Administration Region of Macau check Full Text
李雪飛 蔣朝陽 2018. Master
論澳門旅遊糾紛的解決機制 = On dispute resolution of tourism disputes in Macau check Full Text
張君竹 稅兵 2018. Master
論澳門刑事訴訟法中證據上禁用的方法及非法證據的排除規則 = A study on illegally obtained evidence and exculusionary rule in Macao criminal procedure law check Full Text
譚俊銘 李哲 2018. Master
論澳門行政合同制度 = A study of the system of administrative contract in Macau check Full Text
簡慧妍 邱庭彪 2018. Master

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