UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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互聯網金融的法律監管研究 : 以第三方支付為例 = Research on legal regulation of internet finance : taking the third-party payment as an example check Full Text
張鶯瓊 王薇 2018. Master
環境犯罪基本問題研究 = Research on essential issues of environmental crimes check Full Text
王佶騰 趙國強 2018. Master
環境公益訴訟證明制度的評價與重構 : 以風險分配功能為視角 = Evaluation and reconstructionof environmental pubilc interest litigation proof system : from the perspective of risk distribution function check Full Text
鄭蘊璨 王薇 2018. Master
環境民事公益訴訟的證據制度研究 = A research on the evidence mechanism of environmental civil lawsuits of public interest check Full Text
王恆 王薇 2018. Master
環境污染司法救濟 : 公益訴訟相關問題研究 = Environmental pollution relief : a study on the problems related to public interest litigation check Full Text
周蘊佳 王薇 2018. Master
基於 SWOT 分析的澳門海洋經濟發展研究 = A study on the development of marine economy in Macau based on SWOT analysis check Full Text
吳沂鍵 柳智毅 2018. Master
基於產品生命週期的藥物銷售額回顧性分析 check Full Text
朱劍凡 王一濤 2018. Master
基於公開視頻語料的粵語聲調變異研究 = A study on the variation of Cantonese tones with public media videos check Full Text
解端寧 徐大明 2018. Master
基於京津冀地區煤改氣政策的政策評估 : 以邢台市為例 check Full Text
張玉浩 李桃 2018. Master
基於引證網絡的藥品專利價值分析 check Full Text
袁慶文 胡元佳 2018. Master

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