UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門中學中文教師推行自主學習之信念 check Full Text
岑慧蓮 周憶粟 2017 Master
澳門作家寫作語言的本土特徵 :以寂然為例 = The local features of Macau author's writing language check Full Text
符策偉 邵朝陽 2017 Master
霸王花多糖的研究 check Full Text
何慕雪 張慶文 2017 Master
被害人自陷風險相關問題研究 = Research on the problem related to self-insurance risk of the aggrieved party /
倪先鏵 趙國強, 1950- 2017 Master
標題口號對語法規則的突破及其限度 check Full Text
羅堃 徐傑, 1963- 2017 Doctoral
不能犯未遂若干問題研究 = The research on intractable issues of attempted crime due to impossibility in the perspective of criminal law /
祝田 趙國強, 1950- 2017 Master
產業轉移視角下澳門博彩業的跨區域競合機制研究 =Regional competition mechanism of Macao's gaming sector : a perspective of industrial transfer check Full Text
白楊 盛力 2017 Master
醜女興國說之探究 :鍾離春 =;A study on Zhong Lichun about the saying of "Ugly Women Prosper the Country" check Full Text
楊冰 譚美玲 2017 Master
川楝素抑制 TGF-β1 誘導肺癌 A549 細胞 EMT 的作用與機制研究 check Full Text
駱瑋瑋 王一濤 2017 Master
慈善組織與志願者的關係如何界定? :以 "慈善法" 為視角 =;How to define the relationship between charitable organizations and volunteers? : from the view of charity law check Full Text
張棟洋 唐曉晴, 1972- 2017 Master

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