UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門回歸後行政法規與法律發生衝突時的解決方法 : 以第 13/2009 號法律 "關於訂定內部規範的法律制度" 的生效為分界作比較及討論 = Solutions to conflict between administrative regulations and laws after Macao handover to China : comparison and discussion of Law No. 13/2009 before and after its coming into effect check Full Text
鄭碧琦 汪超 2017. Master
澳門基本法第 129 條專業制度研究 = A study on the Article 129 of the Macau Basic Law : the professional system in Macau check Full Text
李寶榮 駱偉建 2017. Master
澳門假釋制度的完善 = Improvement of parole system of Macao check Full Text
葉兆敏 李哲 2017. Master
澳門街市記憶研究 : 從集體回憶到社區文化的構建 = The memorial of Macau markets : from collective memories of community culture construction check Full Text
黃曉茹 楊開荊 2017. Master
澳門立法會公益辯論研究 = Study on public debate of Macao Legislative Council check Full Text
李碩輝 駱偉建 2017. Master
澳門廉政公署制度對我國內地反腐敗監察體制改革的啟示 = The enlightenment of Macao CCAC system to the supervis system reform in the Mainland China check Full Text
余道輝 蔣朝陽 2017. Master
澳門旅遊局公共服務水平滿意度調查研究 = A study of the satisfaction survey of tourism bureau of Macau SAR government check Full Text
陳嬌 陳建新 2017. Master
澳門旅遊休閒發展研究 = A study on the development of Macau tourism leisure check Full Text
夏君依 柳智毅 2017. Master
澳門媽閣廟的文學形象研究 : 以詩詞作品為中心 = A research on the literary image of A-Ma Temple : a focus on the work of poetry check Full Text
蕭曉華 鄧駿捷 2017. Master
澳門民法典 "合營組織" 與 "社團" 之內涵重構 : 以法律翻譯, 法律移植及法律本土化為視角 = Reconstruction of connotation of "Jointly-Owned Organization" and "Association" in Civil Code of Macao : from the perspectives of legal translation, legal transplantation and localization of law check Full Text
姜剛風 蘇建峰 2017. Master

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