UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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外商直接投資中國服務業務若干法律問題研究 = A study of legal issues of foreign direct investment in China's service industry check Full Text
潘雪 范劍虹 2015. Master
網絡共同犯罪研究 = Research on the joint crime on network check Full Text
馮銘恩 趙國強 2015. Master
網絡媒體在澳門立法會選舉中的運用 : 以 2013 年澳門立法會直接選舉為例 check Full Text
黃永曦 余永逸 2015. Master
文學的女性主義 : 大中華語境中的女性主義文學思潮研究 check Full Text
劉群偉 朱壽桐 2015. Doctoral
文字的 "隱" 與畫面的 "現" : "色戒"小說和電影的交叉對比 = "Undermeaning" between the lines and "Manifestation" on the screen : cross-comparison between the novel and the movie of "Lust, Caution" check Full Text
葉文韻 朱壽桐 2015. Master
我國大陸職務犯罪的自然人主體研究 = On the subject of the duty crime of nature person check Full Text
謝徽 趙國強 2015. Master
現代漢語動詞性空語類研究 = A study on verbal empty category in modern Chinese check Full Text
溫涵 徐杰 2015. Master
現代漢語新詩文體中程度副詞的創新用法 = New grammatical functions and features of some degree adverbs in modern Chinese poems check Full Text
陳濤 徐杰 2015. Master
銷售話語分析 : 以深圳義烏小商品市場銷售語言為例 = An analysis of selling talks : a case study of the sales language used in Shenzhen Yiwu small commodity market check Full Text
鄢菁菲 邵朝陽 2015. Master
小額貸款公司法律監管問題及其對策研究 = A study on the problems of legal supervision and solutions for small-loan companies check Full Text
陳德鋒 Mo Shijian 2015. Master

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