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試論余光中詩歌口語化書寫的風格轉變 = Discussion on the transformation of colloquial style in Yu Guangzhong's poems check Full Text
溫咚荻 朱壽桐 2015. Master
試析早期生活經驗對廢名小創作風格的影響 = An analysis to Fei Ming's experience of early life and its influence to his novel and writing style check Full Text
駱嘉怡 朱壽桐 2015. Master
雙氫青蒿素磷脂複合物納米粒的製備、表徵和體外抗腫瘤活性評價 check Full Text
王璐, Zheng, Ying 2015. Master
司法考核的法律與政治考量 : 以中國大陸司法改革爲背景 check Full Text
張劍文 蔣朝陽 2015. Doctoral
訴權視角下刑事被害人的權利保障 = The protection of criminal victim's rights in perspective of right of action check Full Text
趙文靜 李哲 2015. Master
台灣保健食品的發展及未來展望 check Full Text
王苡蕙 王一濤 2015. Master
太谷普通話變體的聲韻特徵 = A study of phonological features of initials and finals of Putonghua variant in Taigu, Shanxi Province check Full Text
楊捷 侍建國 2015. Master
探討澳門政府領導及主管人員的接班規劃 = A study of leadership succession plan of Macao government check Full Text
何麗華 余永逸 2015. Master
糖尿病患者併發慢性腎病的風險預測模型 : 基於模擬數據的前導性研究 check Full Text
王嫻 梁少偉 2015. Master
體育遊戲對學生創造力及合作能力發展研究 check Full Text
蘇思梨 何敬恩 2015. Master

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