UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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論民事訴訟中的資產凍結 : 以澳門假扣押及查封的法律制度為中心 = Discussion on asset freeze in civil actions : based on the legal regime of distraint and attachment in Macau check Full Text
鮑衍亨 邱庭彪 2015. Master
論農民工隨遷子女受教育權的平等保障 = Study of the equal protection of the education right for migrant workers' children check Full Text
王敏 蔣朝陽 2015. Master
論蒲松齡與莫言小說 = The research of Pu Songling and Mo Yan's novels check Full Text
賀佳駿 龔剛 2015. Master
論我國獨立董事制度的現狀及完善 = On the current situation and perfection of independent directors system in China check Full Text
劉向前 Mo Shijian 2015. Master
論新媒介理論視野下的接受美學 : 以網絡文學為中心 = The reception aesthetics from the perspective of new media theories : network literature as a center check Full Text
王珺瓅 龔剛 2015. Master
論行政執法裁量正義的實現 : 以選擇性執法為視角 = Achievement of discretion justice of administrative enforcement : in perspective of selective enforcement check Full Text
賈軼聞 蔣朝陽 2015. Master
論行政主導的法理基礎 : 以憲法上的行政保留原則為視角
葉勇 駱偉建 2015. Doctoral
論嚴歌苓小說 "媽閣是座城" 中的賭徒心理與女性經驗 = On gamblers psychology and female experience in Yan Geling's novel A-Ma check Full Text
吳東育 龔剛 2015. Master
論中國內地不得強迫自證其罪原則與犯罪嫌疑人權利保障 = Study on the privilege against self-incrimination and protection of suspects' rights in Mainland China check Full Text
趙璇 李哲 2015. Master
論中國內地網絡購物合同糾紛管轄權 = Critical research of the jurisdiction of online shopping in Mainland China check Full Text
余樂 稅兵 2015. Master

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