UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Reproduction rights and dissemination rights in digital environment and copyrights protection : legal issues and challenges / check Full Text
Kam, Ka Man Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal 2012. Master
Research on two auto empires : Germany in the European Union and Japan in East Asia : lessons for China's automotive industrialization / check Full Text
Sun, Yi Houweling, Henk 2012. Master
Risk factors of adolescent delinquency in Macao / check Full Text
Tong, Tat Seng Zaroff, Charles 2012. Master
Screening and determination of stoichiometrically diverse co-crystals by thermal method / check Full Text
Chan, Hok Man Zheng, Ying 2012. Master
Seeking the balance between trade liberalization and cultural diversity in the framework of WTO and UNESCO : some suggestions to China / check Full Text
Li, Yan Ting 曾令良 2012. Master
Shear correction factor for FGM plate based on thickness shear vibration / check Full Text
Cao, Hang Yu Iu, Vai Pan 2012. Master
Short-sale constraint and price discovery : evidence from the China market / check Full Text
Li, Li Ren, Jin Juan 2012. Master
Sino-Japanese relations : from the perspective of power transition theory /
Lu, Shu Wen Wang Jian wei 2012. Master
Sino-US strategic and economic dialogue mechanism : is it a trouble-shooter or just empty talk? / check Full Text
Quan, Wei Wang Jianwei 2012. Master
Social networking site addiction in Macao / check Full Text
Cheung, Ieng Wu, Anise M. S. 2012. Master

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