UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title arrow_drop_up Author Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, em busca do passado, presente e futuro check Full Text
Noronha, Rosa Elfrida Venancio, Jose Carlos 2004 Master
Aviation english and its usage at the Macau International Airport check Full Text
Hong, S. H. 2004 Master
Boundary value method with skew-circulant preconditioner for ODEs check Full Text
Yeung, Choi In 2004 Master
case study of the liberalized mobile telecom sector of Macau check Full Text
Vong, Choi Leng 2004 Master
changing roles of bank branches and their managers : the case of Macao check Full Text
Cheang, Sok Kuan Robalo, Antonio 2004 Master
Character development in the Harry Potter novels of J. K. Rowling check Full Text
Chan, Mei Lan Kelen, Christopher 2004 Master
Classification of risk for mortgage loans using discriminant analysis and neural network check Full Text
Ho, Ka Seng 2004 Master
comparison between the quantitative and qualitative factor in explaining the movement of the Renminbi exchange rate check Full Text
Mak, Ieng Man 蕭志成 2004 Master
Competitiveness of the Hong Kong stock market check Full Text
Lam, Chan Wa Yeung, Hang Fai 2004 Master
Credit risk assessment in Macau check Full Text
Patricio, Antonio Pires 2004 Master

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