UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title arrow_drop_up Author Supervisor Issue Date Degree
changing role of Shenzhen in the framework of China's "reform and open door" policy : analysis from an aspect of FDI check Full Text
Zhang, Ying Murteira, Mario 1999 Master
clausula penal no quadro do incumprimento contratual : analise do regime nos sistemas juridicos Portugues e Chines check Full Text
Tou, Wai Fong 1999 Master
Consumer behavior of life insurance : the case of Shanghai check Full Text
Wang, Jane Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos 1999 Master
Control of double link inverted pendulum with nonlinear friction check Full Text
Fang, Lei Chen, Wei Ji 1999 Master
Controlling risks in state-owned Commercial Banks of China check Full Text
Li, Hu Robalo, Antonio 1999 Master
design and implementation of object management functions for web-based repository check Full Text
Chao, Sam 1999 Master
development of investment banking in China check Full Text
Huang, Xian Qi Robalo, Antonio 1999 Master
Do crime de branqueamento de capitais : introducao e tipicidade check Full Text
Godinho, Jorge A. F. Andrade, Manuel da Costa 1999 Master
Economic result analysis of China absorbing foreign direct investment (FDI) check Full Text
Gu, Na 1999 Master
Fast transform based operators for Toeplitz systems and their applications in image restoration check Full Text
Kou, Kit Ian Jin, Xiao Qing 1999 Master

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