Books on China Online, 16th – Early 20th Century (早期中國研究選輯, 十六至二十世紀初)

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A bit of old China
Stoddard, Charles Warren,author 1912
A candid history of the Jesuits
McCabe, Joseph,author 1913
A Chinese child's day : words & music by Anice Terhune ; pictures by Albertine Randall Wheelan.
Terhune, Anice Morris Stockton,author 1910
A Chinese command : a story of adventure in Eastern Seas
Collingwood, Harry,author 1915
A Chinese Q.
A Chinese revolution in physical well-being : at Pankiachwang Shantung : China : 1911-1912 = 中華民國山東籠家庄
Tucker, Francis,author 1912
A Chinese wonder book
Pitman, Norman Hinsdale,author 1919
A crusade of compassion for the healing of the nations : a study of medical missions for women and children
A Mandarin phonetic reader in the Pekinese dialect : with an introductory essay on the pronunciation
Karlgren, Bernhard,author 1918
A Mandarin-romanized dictionary of Chinese : with supplement of new terms and phrases, now current = 英華成語合璧字集
MacGillivray, 1911

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