Books on China Online, 16th – Early 20th Century (早期中國研究選輯, 十六至二十世紀初)

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Tufts and tales, or, walks and talks with Chinese children
Moule, Arthur Evans,1836-1918,author 1903
Twentieth century impressions of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and other treaty ports of China : their history, people, commerce, industries, and resources
Une mission chinoise en Annam (1840-1841)
Cordier, Henri,auteur 1903
Verse & worse : selections from the writings of Tung Chia
Bland, J. O. 1902
Westward to the Far East a guide to the principal cities of China and Japan
Scidmore, Eliza Ruhamah, 1900
With the allies to Pekin : a tale of the relief of the legations
Henty, G. 1904
World crisis in China, 1900 a short account of the outbreak of the War with the "Boxers", and ensuing foreign complications, including also a sketch of events leading up to the distracted situation
Will, Allen S. 1900
World politics at the end of the nineteenth century as influenced by the oriental situation
Reinsch, Paul Samuel, 1900
Young China
Moule, Arthur Evans,author 1908
官話指南 = The guide to Kuan Hua : a translation of the "Kuan Hua Chih Nan", with an essay on tone and accent in Pekinese, and a glossary of phrases
Wu, Ch'i-t'ai 1906

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