Books on China Online, 16th – Early 20th Century (早期中國研究選輯, 十六至二十世紀初)

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Organisation militaire des chinois ou la Chine et ses armées : suivi d'un aperçu sur l'administration civile de la Chine
Dabry de Thiersant, P.auteur 1859
Oriental and western Siberia a narrative of seven years' explorations and adventures in Siberia, Mongolia the Kirghis steppes, Chinese Tartary, and part of Central Asia
Atkinson, Thomas Witlam, 1858
Our national relations with China being two speeches delivered in Exeter Hall and in the Free-trade Hall, Manchester
Smith, George, 1857
Our policy in China or a glance at the past, present, and future of China, in its foreign relations and commerce.
Overland route to India and China.
Pictorial history of China and India : comprising a description of those countries and their inhabitants, embracing the historical events, government, religion, education, language, literature, arts, manufactures, productions, commerce, and manners and customs of the people, from the earliest period of authentic record, to the present time
Questions of the day : No. I. Indian revenue from Indian opium : Chinese money at the expense of Chinese life : British honour of British disgrace ; questions which should be considered in the treaty to be concluded with China
Tyler, Henry Whatley,author 1857
Recollections of a three years' residence in China including peregrinations in Spain, Morocco, Egypt, India, Australia, and New Zealand
Power, W. Tyrone 1853
Report of the hospital at Canton : for 1853-54
Hobson, Benjamin,author 1854
Scenes in China or, sketches of the country, religion, and customs of the Chinese
Shuck, Henrietta Hall, 1852

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