Books on China Online, 16th – Early 20th Century (早期中國研究選輯, 十六至二十世紀初)

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Crime and government at Hong Kong a letter to the editor of the Time newspaper, offering reasons for an enquiry into the disgraces brought on the British name in China by the present Hong Kong government
Anstey, Thomas Chisholme, 1859
Darkness in the flowery land, or religious notions and popular sperstitions in North China
Culbertson, M. Simpson, 1857
Daughters of China, or sketches of domestic life in the Celestial Empire
Bridgman, Eliza J. Gillett 1853
De France en Chine
Yvan, Melchior, 1858
Discoveries in Chinese, or the symbolism of the primitive characters of the Chinese system of writing : as a contribution to philology and ethnology and a practical aid in the acquisition of the Chinese language
Andrews, Stephen Pearl,author 1854
Dr. Macgowan's remarks on Chinese foreign relations from the North-China Herald, December 1857
Macgowan, Daniel Jerome, 1858
Fankwei; or, the San Jacinto in the Seas of India, China and Japan
Wood, William Maxwell,author 1859
Further statements and suggestions regarding Hong Kong addressed to the Hon. Francis Scott, M.P.
General description of Shanghae and its environs
Medhurst, Walter Henry, 1850
Histoire de l'imprimerie
Dupont, Paul-François,auteur 1854

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