Books on China Online, 16th – Early 20th Century (早期中國研究選輯, 十六至二十世紀初)

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Description of a view of Macao in China : now exhibiting at the panorama, Leicester Square
Burford, Robert,author 1840
Desultory notes on the government and people of China, and on the Chinese language illustrated with a sketch of the province of Kwang-Tung shewing its division into departments and districts
Meadows, Thomas Taylor 1847
Dictionary of the Favorlang dialect of the Formosan language by Gilbertus Happart : written in 1650
Happart, Gilbertus,author 1840
Dissertation on the silk-manufacture and the cultivation of the mulberry translated from the works of Tseu-Kwang-K'he; called also Paul Siu, a colao, or minister of state in China.
Hsu, Kuang-ch'i, 1849
Documents communicated by the president of the United States in relation to the treaty with the Ta Tsing empire. In "Public documents printed by order of the Senate of the United States, Second Session of the Twenty-eight Congress, December 2, 1844. Document number 67.
Documents statistiques officiels sur l'empire de la Chine
Doings in China being the personal narrative of an officer engaged in the late Chinese expedition, from the recapture of Chusan in 1841, to the peace of Nankin in 1842
Murray, Alexander, 1843
Easy lessons in Chinese, or progressive exercises to facilitate the study of that language, especially adapted to the Canton dialect
Williams, S. Wellsauthor 1842
England and China : their future, duty, interest, and safety : in a letter to the right Hon. Sir R. Peel, Bart
Englishman,author 1842
English and Chinese vocabulary, the latter in the Canton dialect
Morrison, Robert,author 1840

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