Books on China Online, 16th – Early 20th Century (早期中國研究選輯, 十六至二十世紀初)

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The fortunate union a romance, translated from the Chinese original with notes and illustrations to which is added a Chinese tragedy
馬致遠,author. 1829
The mission to Siam, and Hué : the capital of Cochin China, in the years 1821-2
Finlayson, George,author 1826
Third report from the select Committee appointed to consider of the means of improvement and maintaining the foreign trade of the country : East Indies and China
To the public, concerning the Anglo-Chinese College.
Travels of the Russian mission through Mongolia to China, and residence in Peking, in the years l820-l821
Timkovskii, Egor Fedorovich, 1790-1875,author 1827
Tsiology a discourse on tea : being an account of that exotic; botanical, chymical, commercial & medical, with notices of its adulteration, the means of detection, tea making, with a brief history of the East India company, etc. etc.
Viagens do Capitão Jose Luiz do Rego a China oferecidas ao Illustrissimo e Excellentissimo Senhor Conde de Sea
Rego, José Luís do,autor 1822
Voyage à Peking, à travers la Mongolie, en 1820 et 1821
Timkovskii, Egor Fedorovich,auteur 1827
Voyage of His Majesty's ship Alceste, to China, Corea, and the island of Lewchew : with an account of her shipwreck
M'Leod, John,author 1820
花箋 = Chinese courtship : in verse : to which is added an appendix, treating of the revenue of China, &c. &c.
Wang, Kwei Shing,author 1824

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