Books on China Online, 16th – Early 20th Century (早期中國研究選輯, 十六至二十世紀初)

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The conquest of the Miao-Tse : an imperial poem by Kien-lung, entitled A Choral Song of Harmony for the First part of the Spring
Qianlong,author 1810
The Indo-Chinese gleaner.
The new conspiracy against the Jesuits : detected and briefly exposed, with a short account of their institute, and observations on the danger of systems of education independent of religion
Dallas, Robert Charles,author 1815
The sacred edict, containing sixteen maxims of the Emperor Kang-He, amplified by His son, the Emperor Yoong-Ching ; toghther with a paraphrase on the whole, by a mandarin
The traveller in Asia : or, a visit to the most celebrated parts of the Wast Indies and China : with an account of the manners of the inhabitants, natural productions, and curiosities : for the instruction and entertainment of young persons
Wakefield, Priscilla,author 1817
The travels of Marco Polo : a Venetian, in the Thirteenth Century : being a description, by that early traveller, of remarkable places and things, in the Eastern parts of the world
Polo, Marco,author 1818
Translations from the Manchu, with the original texts, prefaced by an essay on the language
Meadows, Thomas Taylor 1819
Translations from the original Chinese : with notes
Urh-chĭh-tsze-tëen-se-yĭn-pe-keáou : being a parallel drawn between the two intended Chinese dictionaries : together with Morrison's Horæ Sinicæ [&c.]
Montucci, Antonio,author 1817
Viaggi del Signor Pallas in diverse province dell' Imperio Russo : sino ai confini della China
Pallas, Peter Simon,autore 1816

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