Macau Periodical Index (澳門期刊論文索引)

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Uterine Artery Embolization for Fibroid Disease
Fan, Weijun; Cheng, Fai Vol.3, No.3, pp. 186-188
Function of apolipoprotein E and relative receptors in the nervous system
Guo, Guo-qing; Chang, Francois; Shen, Wei-zai Vol.3, No.3, pp. 171-176
Gestational diabetes mellitus in Macao: 5 years' cases review in government hospital
Ip, Chi Tat; Victal, António Vol.3, No.2, pp. 113-115
Pathogen occurrence and antimicroial susceptibility patterns among urinary tract infection isolates of Macau adult patients
Koon, Kin Veng; Lam, Cheok Meng; Lei, Chi Hang Vol.3, No.3, pp. 149-151
Evidence-Based medicine to clinical guideline
Lee, Yan Vol.3, No.3, pp. 197-198
A case of gastrointestinal stromal tumor with gastrointestinal bleeding
Lei, Choi Chu; Leong, Iek Hou; Lam, Wan Leng; Ghiang, Hoi Wan Vol.3, No.3, pp. 207-208
Research about family planning of reproductive women in tap seac of Macao
Lok, Mei Kum; Lai, Sheung Yin; Ieong, Siu Lan Vol.3, No.3, pp. 167-170
Genetic Mutation of Cystathionine -β-Synthase (CBS)T833C in Patients with Ischemic Stroke
Ng, Kuan Man; Wang, Tongge; Zhou, Tianhong Vol.4, No.3, pp. 229-232
凌鴻;潘海嘯;傅燁 第1卷第3期, 第111-116頁
劉士豪;廖秀莉;萬鈞萍 第1卷第3期, 第66-70頁

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