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Ng, Kuan Man; Wang, Tongge; Zhou, Tianhong
Genetic Mutation of Cystathionine -β-Synthase (CBS)T833C in Patients with Ischemic Stroke
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2003年12月26日, Vol.4, No.3, pp. 229-232
Ischemic stroke;Cystathionine-β-synthase;Genetic mutation;Gene frequency
Objective: To study genetic mutation of Cystathionine-β-Synthase T833C related to homocysteine metabolism in patients with ischemic stroke. MethodsL Detecting the CBS T833C gene mutation by Amplification Refractory Mutation System -Polymerase chain reaction method in 74 patients with ischemic stroke and 83 normal people for control. Results: The frequency of CBS C homogenetic type and C allele in ischemic group were higher than those in control group. Multiple Lgistic Regression Analysis showed that together with the C allele in CBS and age were related to ischemic stroke. The odds ratio of the C allele in CBS T833C was 1.73. Conclusions: Our study revealed sthat the genetic mutation of CBS T833C was related with the ischemic stroke. The genetic mutation of CBS T833C may be one genetic factor for ischemic stroke in Han nationality of Southern China. Pargraph Headings: 1. Materials and methods 1.1. Study population 1.2. Methods 1.3. Statistical analysis 2. Results 2.1. CBS gene ARMS analysis 2.2. Distribution of the CBS genotype and allele in control group and ischemic group 2.3. The relationship between ischemic stroke and C allele in CBS, age and sex 2.4. Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium test 3. Discussion Tables: 1. Distribution of the CBS genotype and allele in control group and ischemic group 2. The result of multiple logistic regression analysis Figures: 1. ARMS analysis used to detected mutation at nucleotides 833 and the electrophoretic pattern after electrophoresis on a 8% Polyacrylylamine gel containing Silver