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Fan, Weijun; Cheng, Fai
Uterine Artery Embolization for Fibroid Disease
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2003年9月26日, Vol.3, No.3, pp. 186-188
Abstract : Uterine artery emblization for treating uterine fibroids is a well-established technique, it has been proven to be a safety, effective and less traumatic technique and become popular in management of uterine leiomyoma now. Paragraph Headings: 1. Preface 2. Uae for fibroids 3. Technique for fibroid embolization 4. Retrospection 5. Indication 6. Contraindication 7. Complication 8. Endometritis 9. Ischemia of pelvic organs 10. The evaluation of efficacy 10.1. The success rate of technique 10.2. The follow up with MRI after thrombosis 11. Clinic result 12. Conclusion