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Lee, Yan
Evidence-Based medicine to clinical guideline
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2003年9月26日, Vol.3, No.3, pp. 197-198
Evidence-based medicine;Clinical guideline
Abstract : Evidence-based medicine is an approach to a decision making in which the clinican use the current best evidence available to decide the options of treatment which suits the patient best. In the era of exposion of knowledge, it becomes impossible for clinicans to read and appraise all medical literature which is increasing at a tremendous speed. In recent years, there is a trend to develop the evidence-based clinical practice guideline which are designed to help the practitioners to assimilate and evaluate the ever-increasing amount of evidence on the best current practice. This article aims at improving the understanding towards the evidence-based clinical practice guideline and promoting a culture towards evidence-based clinical practice. Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Definition 3. Process 4.Evidence based clinical practice guideline 5. Potential benefits and harms of evidence based clinical practice guideline 6. The development of evidence based clinical practice guideline 7. Levels of evidence and grading of recommendations 7.1. Types of evidence 7.2. Grading of recommendations 7.3. The example of evidence-based clinical practice guideline 8. Conclusion