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Lok, Mei Kum; Lai, Sheung Yin; Ieong, Siu Lan
Research about family planning of reproductive women in tap seac of Macao
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2003年9月26日, Vol.3, No.3, pp. 167-170
Family planning;Contraception;Reproductive women
Objective: To detect family planning of reproductive women in Macau, then promote reproductive guidance in family planning, improve the service of primary care. Methods: 336reproductive women who visited Tap Seac Health Center during December, 2001 to January, 2002 were invited. They were asked to fill in the questionnaire. To analyse the contraceptive method of inviters. Results: In 336 reproductive women, 40.2% of inviters prefer condom, 12.5% of inviters prefer inttsuyrtinr frbivr sd vonytsvrpyibr mryhof. 11.6% of inviters had no bith control. Conclusion: (1)Each Health Center in Department of Health of Macao Special Administrative Region Provide primary acard to residents, in cluding reproductive guidance in family planning. (2)The most popular contraceptive method was condom. More inviters prefer IUDs when they had child . When the family size was complete, sterilization of female was widely taken. Paragraph Headings: 1. Objective 2. Methods 3. Results 4. Contraceptive knowledge 5. The most popular contraceptive methods 6. Unwanted pregnancy and failure rates 7. Conclusion 8. Recommendation Tables: 1. Age distribution of inviters 2. Education level of inviters 3. Contraceptive methods according to education level of inviters 4. Children of inviters 5. Contraceptive methods according to children of inviters 6. Inviters gain contraceptive knowledge from different approaches 7. Awareness of contraceptive methods 8. Awareness of condom can both prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases 9. The most 5 popular contraceptive methods 10. Reasons for selecting contraceptive method 11. Under contraception with unwanted pregnancy