Macau Periodical Index (澳門期刊論文索引)

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An exploratory study of crisis management in the care-free city of Macau
Chung, Shuk Fan; Kong, Siew Huat Vol.15, No.2, pp. 133-148
An optimum two:ways platform for the Taiwanese enterprises that are doing FDI or trading with Mainland
Liu, Bo Wen No.27, pp. 79-87
As especificidades do regime da sancao pecuniaria compulsoria de Macau em relacao ao seu correspondente regime em Portugal
Chum, Lam Lam No.19, pp. 167-188
Availability and efficiency in large file dissemination
Lei, Iat Seng 總第18期, Vol.8, No.2, pp. 157-168
Beneficial effects of tea mediated by antioxidative
Szeto, Yim-Tong; Lau, Chui-Ying 總第18期, Vol.8, No.2, pp. 149-156
Big Macao on the small globe
Wang, Wuyi No.2, pp. 92-97
顧良智;陶啟程;顧向恩;陳旭球;葉仁傑;周家賢 總第5期, 第1期, 第1-17頁
Cancer prevention: perception of the need for health education
Branco, Isaura Maria Bata Henriques Peixoto Vol.5, No.4, pp. 241-247
Casinos as a tourism redevelopment strategy : The case of Macao
McCartney, Glenn James no.2, pp. 40-54
CEPA and Pan-Pearl river delta economic integration: A comparative business development perpective
Pollard, David Vol.15, No.1, pp. 3-15

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