Macau Periodical Index (澳門期刊論文索引)

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余光輝 總第53期, 第3期, 第8-12頁
Strategic issues faced by Macao in the Pearl River Delta regional economic cooperation
Siu, Ricardo C S; Lao, Eugenia No. 30, pp. 39-61
This beautiful, friendly, and materialistic country: the image of America in Liu Zongren's two years in the melting pot
Cholakova, Rumyana 總第19/20期, 第1期, pp. 196-204
Macao, a Unique city of Charm: Jonathan Porter's Macao: the Imaginary City, Culture and Society, 1557 to the Present
Chun, Jiang 總第18期, 第2期, pp. 81-85
An inductive, communicative approach to grammar instruction in secondary schools in Macau and its implications
Cheong, Ivan No.34, pp. 65-68
What makes effective phonics instruction
Chiu, Siu Miu No.32, pp. 78-81
多一點 "有機" 和"可持續" 的生活模式(上)
Herbseed, Johnny 第32期, 第28-34頁
Herbseed, Johnny 第33期, 第28-34頁
The study of pacifier use in relation to infant sucking, maternal perception of milk supply and breastfeeding duration
Huang, Ya Yi; Lee, Jian Tao; Gau, Meei Ling; Huang, Chiu Mieh Vol.10, No.2, pp. 16-21
丁力;劉忠華 總第38期, 第2期, 第57-62頁

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