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Huang, Ya Yi; Lee, Jian Tao; Gau, Meei Ling; Huang, Chiu Mieh
The study of pacifier use in relation to infant sucking, maternal perception of milk supply and breastfeeding duration
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Dec. 2011, Vol.10, No.2, pp. 16-21
Pacifier;infant sucking;milk supply;breastfeeding
Abstract : The aim of this study was to explore the correlation of pacifier use to infant sucking ability and maternal perception of milk supply. Methods: A prospective study was carried out at a medical center located in north Taiwan. Two hundred and eighty healthy mothers and their full-term, singleton infants were eligible for enrollment. The structured questionnaires were used to obtain the breastfeeding information at the third day, two weeks and four weeks. Complete information at two and four weeks was botained for 75% and 54%. Results: Based on the study results, we found no dignificant correlation between pacifier use and infant sucking technique, infant sucking technique matures gradually. Pacifier-user group had lower maternal perception of milk supply( p <.01) and exclusive breastfeeding rate in the three postpartum durations (p<.01;p<.001;p<.001) than non pacifier users. Conclusions: Pacifier use was negatively associated with maternal perception of milk supply and breastfeeding rate. Pacifer use may be a maker of breastfeeding difficulties, or correlation with less confidence in mothering, rather than a true cause of early weaning. Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Material and methods 2.1. Setting and participants 2.2. Instrument 2.3. Procedure 2.4. Data analysis 3. Results 4. Infant sucking technique 5. Maternal perception of milk supply 6. Exclusive breastfeeding 7. Discussions 8. Conclusions Tables: 1. Characteristics data of two groups 2. Analysis of variance and the scheffe comparison of infant sucking technique and maternal perception of milk supply 3. The cross table of pacifier use and early weaning in different stages Figures: 1. Maternal perception of milk supply in the three postpartum duration"