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The origin of the first Protestant mission to China and the history of the events which induced the attempt, and succeeded in the accomplishment of a translation of the Holy Scriptures into the Chinese language, (at the expense of the East India Company), and of the casualties which assigned to the late Dr. Morrison the carrying out of this plan, with copies of the correspondence between the Archbishop of Canterbury, Bishop of London, Bishop of Durham, Bishop of Sarum, Earl of Spencer, Sir George Staunton, bart., Sir Charles Grant, Dr. Gaskin, Dr. Erskine, Dr. Hunter, Dr. Bogue, Rev. John Owen, Rev. Josiah Pratt, &c. &c. and the Rev. W.W. Moseley, A.M., L.L.D., &c. ...
Moseley, W. W.
London :Simpkin and Marshall, 1842.
Moseley, W. W. -- (William Willis)
Bible -- Chinese -- History
Missions -- China
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