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New York (State)

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Banquet to His Excellency Anson Burlingame : and his associates of the Chinese embassy : by the citizens of New York, on Tuesday, June 23, 1868.
Burlingame, Anson,author 1868
Chinese & Japanese pocelains & potteries & other Far Eastern objects of art : the collection of Miss Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore, Washington, D.C.
Chinese antiques : fine porcelains, rare carving in ivory jade, agate, rock crystal, lapis lzuli and amber ; necklaces, pendants, ornaments in carved hard stones ... : from the estate of the late Edward J. Hazen ... the estate of the late Fleming D. Chishire ... from Mr. Frank Hazen.
Chinese carved jades & objects of art : a collection formed by Mr. Lee Van Ching, Shanghai, China : rare antiques in crystal, agate, jade rose quartz & malachite ; statuettes, snuff bottles, pocelains & enamels, old prints, paintings & Kakemonos, K'ang Hsi famille verte tiles.
Legacy of historical gleanings
Bonney, Catharina V. 1875
New York's Chinatown an historical presentation of its people and places
Beck, Louis J. 1898
The Chinese collection of Mr. K. N. Chow, Shanghai & New York : necklaces, snuff bottles, statuettes, flowers, ornaments, vases, koros, screens in jade, agate, rose quartz, rock crystal, etc. : to sold by his order at unreserved public sale Saturday afternoons October twenty-ninth at two o'clock
The Chinese collection of Mr. K. T. Wong, Shanghai, China : beautiful carved jades of the Chien Lung Ming, Sung & Tang periods : Chinese paintings on silk of the Ming Dynasty : bronzes potteries, porcelains & wood ... : to sold in auction Friday, Saturday afternoons May second, third at two-thirty o'clock