Books on China Online, 16th – Early 20th Century (早期中國研究選輯, 十六至二十世紀初)

History and criticism

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A letter to the right honourable The Earl of Shaftesbury, president of the British and Foreign Bible Society, on the Pantheistic and on the Buddhistic tendency of the Chinese and the Mongolian versions of the Bible published by that Society
Malan, Solomon Caesar, 1856
Bibliotheque orientale, ou dictionnaire universel contenant tout ce qui fait connoître les peuples de l'Orient : Leurs histoires et traditions tant fabuleuses que véritables. Leurs religions et leurs sectes. Leurs gouvernemens, politique, loix, moeurs, coûtumes, et les révolutions de leurs empires. Les arts et les sciences [...] Les vies de leurs saints, philosophes, docteurs, poëtes, historiens, capitaines, & de tous ceux qui se sont rendus illustres par leur vertu, leur sçavoir ou leurs actions. Des jugemens critiques et des extraits de leurs livres, écrits en arabe, persan ou turc sur toutes sortes de matières & de professions
Herbelot, Barthélemy d',auteur 1777
Chinese fiction
Candlin, George T. 1898
Chinese miscellany : consisting of original extracts from Chinese authors, in the native character : with translations and philological remarks
Morrison, Robert, author 1825
Lao-Seng-Urh, or "an heir in his old age" a Chinese drama
Wu, Han-chin, 1817
Laou-seng-urh : or, "An heir in his old age", a Chinese drama.
Wu, Han-chin 1817
Studies in the Chinese drama
Buss, Kate,author 1922
Théatre et musique modernes en Chine
Soulié de Morant, Georges,auteur 1926
The Chinese their education, philosophy, and letters
Martin, W. A. P. 1881
The history of the laws and courts of Hongkong tracing consular jusrisdiction in China and Japan and including parliamentary debates, and the rise, progress, and successive changes in the various public institutions of the colony ...
Norton-Kyshe, James William 1898

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