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Peng, Baoliang
Disney animated bodies: philosophizing patriarchal gender
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Jun. 2010, 總第17期, 第1期, pp. 103-114
Gender;Postcolonial feminism;Representation;Patriarchy
Abstract : Disney animated film, like any other genre of films, do not only create pleasure for viewers but also shed light on philosophy of life and value system of their producers. Gender is one of the topics that Disney Studio popularizes and validates for fun and for aesthetic activities. This paper, from a postcolonial feminist perspective, explains why gender attracts so much attention of the film viewers both young and old and how pleasure is fabricated through reiterating one's preoccupation fo knowledge. On the basis of examining the conceptualization of gender in the forms of human body and clothes which are supposed to be the two most convenient places to 'wear gender', the author intends to examine whether it is fun or innocence that Disney openly claims to disseminate and how they are covered by the umbrella of ideology established by the Disney Empire. Therefore the viewers, especially those who are 'otherized' by Disney studio, need to be critical and vigilant about encoded cultural imperialism in Disney animated films. Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 1.1. Gender and body 1.2. The body myth in the patriarchal society 1.3. The gendered body 2. Gender and dress 3. Conclusion