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Kong, SH; Yeung, Trevor
The issue of change and environmentalism as a business opportunity
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Euro Asia Journal of Management
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Feb. 1995, No.8, pp. 55-68
Abstract : Managers in today's corporation are under fire. Throughout the world, their ability to manage the affairs of the corporation is being called into question and the emergence of a multitude of government regulations, corporate critics, media attacks, and most importantly, substantial competition from other firms have put the modern manager in a pressure cooker. He or she finds an increase in the external demands placed on the corporation and a decrease in the internal flexibility of the corporation to respond; criteria for performance are no loner claer and the notion of "effective management" is increasingly becoming a contradiction in terms. The "solution" to this managerial dilemma is that managers must have new concepts that enable them to see thier jobs realistically. Moreover, these new concepts must help managers view the world as it is today, not as it was 30 years ago. Paragraph Headings: 1. From the "production view" to the "stakeholoder view" of the firm 1.1. Internal change 1.2. Owners 1.3. Customers 1.4. Employees 1.5. Suppliers 1.6. External change 1.7. Governments 1.8. Competitors 1.9. Consumer advocates 1.10. Environmentalists 1.11. Special interest group (SIGS) 1.12. Media 1.13. The stakeholder concept 2. The environment as a stakeholder: The case of southern China 2.1. In favour of a turning point 2.2. The role of the government in developing countries like China 2.3. Repomses from the business community