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Teixeria, António Francisco
Quality management and the learning organization: two coins or two faces of the same coin?
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Euro Asia Journal of Management
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Dec. 2002, Vol.12, No.2, pp. 175-184
Abstract : This article analyzes the commonalities between quality management and the learning organization. It argues that if quality management is viewed in its broadest sense as a new philosophy of management, it concerns the same type of vision of organizational life as the one of the learning organization. The difference occurs mainly in the adoption of different languages of description, as a result of the fact that the analyses have their origins in different scientific disciplines. Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Knowledge, organizational learning, and the learning prganization 3. TQM or quality management? 4. Quality management and the learning organization 5. Conclusion Tables: 1. Single-loop versus double-loop learning 2. Kerridge and Kerridge's (1995) perspective on the QM path 3. The learning organization within the QM framework Figures: 1. First generation knowledge base 2. Second generation learning 3. Possible framework of QM enteyr points 4. The learning cycle of shewhart (1939) 5. The learning cycle of Nonaka and Takeuchi(1995)