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Lu, Su-Hen
Developing a process model of overseas assignment
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Euro Asia Journal of Management
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Jun. 2003, Vol.13, No.1, pp. 87-106
Abstract : To minimize adverse impact on expatriation, multinational companies need to recognize the elements that facilitate expatriate managers and thier spouses' smooth adjustment to a new work environment and everyday living. This paper presents an extensive literature review of the expatriate context and seeks to detail the importance of a variety of factors that could improve the chances of an expatriate manager's survial rate in a foreign environment. The paper then develops a process model of foreign assignments to help multinational companies understand the complex issues in regard to the management of expatriates, the concern of expatriates' spouses, and the various prerequisites for successful expatriates. Additionally, it presents a conceptual framework by offering seven propositions regarding the expatriate context for future studies as in testing a hypothesis. Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Literature review 2.1. The challenge of expatriate of management 2.2. The total cost failure of overseas assignments 2.3. International adjustment of expatriates 2.4. The criteria for overseas success 3. The concepts of the model 3.1. Plan: selection of expatriates 3.2. Family issues 3.3. Do: cross-cultural training 3.4. Check: interbational adjustment 3.5. Action: performance appraisal 4. Conclusions Tables: 1. The phases of international adjustment 2. The criteria for overseas success 3. Summary of personality traits and competencies of the expatriate manager 4. Personality traits and competencies of the expatriate manager by Tsang(1999) and Feng Pearson(1999) 5. The multiple dimension of sociocultural adjustment 6. Performance on foreign assignments Figures: 1. The multifaceted potential for costs associated with expatriate failure 2. Internation adjustment phases over time 3. The multidimensions of expatriation 4. The PDCA cycle 5. A conceptual framework of expatriation 6. A process model of foreign assignment