Macau Periodical Index (澳門期刊論文索引)

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傅大業 試刊號, 第17-18頁
傳文永 試刊號, 第22頁
Choice of entry timing and competitive advantage: The entry process of the global pharmaceutical industry into China in a dynamic perspective
Bruche, Gert No.14, pp. 97-116
Out of recession and beyond: indications for a new type of Japanese management?
Dirks, Daniel No.12, pp. 5-23
The individual, business and sustainable development
Eddington, Ian; Smith, Richard Temple; Wear, Rae; Mcmillan, Jack No.12, pp. 71-83
Accuracy of financial analysts' forecasts of earnings per share: The Hong Kong experience
Fan, Dennis K K ; Terpstra, Robert H No.13, pp. 19-30
Evaluating the likelihood of forcelosure on delinquent loans: The case in Macau
Fong, Davis KC No.14, pp. 5-28
Management ethics in collectivist and individualist cultures
Jackson, Terence; Artola, Marian Calafell; Li, Jianfeng; Lau, K F; Lo, Alfred; Yeung, Kevin; Rohmetra, Neelu; Tidwell, Paula No.12, pp. 49-62
Research and development management strategy in process industries of the third world and Eastern European countries
Jovanovic, Mica B No.12, pp. 63-68
A note on the efficient market hypothesis
Lam, Keith SK No.13, pp. 33-53

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