Macau Periodical Index (澳門期刊論文索引)

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Passions and betrayals: a postcolonial re-reading of TE Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom: a triumph
Mao, Sihui 總第9期, 第1期, pp. 123-139
PET/CT 減輕非小細胞肺癌三維適形放療放射性肺炎的預測
鞏合義;于金明;李建彬 第6卷第1期, 第52頁
Pointers for developing a communicative English instructional program in Macau primary schools
Chiu, Siu Miu No.14, pp. 33-37
Policies and regulations: a comparative study in controlling the gaming industry and gambling behaviors
Lin, Wei No.33, pp. 55-59
Psychological assessment tools for older people with depression:A literature review
Zeng, Wen Vol.5, No.1, pp. 38-42
Psychology is more prominent than physiology in the regulation of food intake
Sio, Hao-Leng Vol.6, No.3, pp. 217-219
Push and pull' factors influencing Arab travellers to choose Malaysia as their choice destination
Baharun, Rohaizat; Ghalip, Ammar Yassin Vol.16, No.2, pp. 167-184
Redefining young low cost travellers - still backpackers or are they budget travellers?
Prideaux, Bruce; Cooper, Malcolm Vol.16, No.2, pp. 137-151
Regime da participacao nos adquiridos
Trigo, Manuel No.21, pp. 225-254
Research method (I) : Knowledge on sampling (Simple Random Sampling)
Ha, Harry no.3, pp. 67-72

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