Social Organizations Collection (社團組織特藏)
Name (English) Name (Chinese) Place Holding Remarks▲
The University of Hong Kong. Faculty of Science 香港大學. 理學院 Hong Kong 2000 60th Anniverary
Hong Kong Polytechnic University 香港理工大學 Hong Kong 2002 65 years of education and innovation
FengCai Middle School 鳳采中學 中國 70th anniversary
Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Philippines 2007 75 years of transformative private education for the global Filipino: 1932-2007
Wuhan University. School of Information Management 武漢大學. 信息管理學院 中國 2010 90周年紀念郵冊
旅港南海九江商會 Hong Kong 2001 90周年紀念特刊
Nanjing Normal University 南京師範大學 China 1997 95周年紀念
Universidade Aberta Portugal 2006 A Challenge no distances (CD Version)
Hong Kong GAAP Hong Kong 2000 A Guide for Preparation of Interim Reports
The University of British Columbia Hong Kong A Souvenir
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