Social Organizations Collection (社團組織特藏)
Name (English) Name (Chinese) Place Holding▲ Remarks
仁愛堂社區中心 Hong Kong 1991-1992 部門服務回顧
The Min-On Concert Association, Inc Japan 1992 The Min-On activities guide
Province of British Columbia Canada 1992 The Canadian Unity Agreement
Deming Prize Committee Japan 1992 The Deming Prize Guide: 1992
Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra 香港中樂團 Hong Kong 1992 十五周年紀念
University of Sydney Australia 1992 Introduction (PAL Version)
香港婦女基督徒協會 Hong Kong 1992, 1998-2001, 2003, 2005 年報
Buddhist Youth Association 佛教青年協會 Hong Kong 1992, 2001 會務簡報
Hong Kong Bible Society 香港聖經公會 Hong Kong 1992, 2004 年報
University of Sheffield. School of Architectural Studies England 1992-1993 Research review
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