UM Publications (澳大出版品)
Call Number Title Author/ Editor Publisher Year Vol./
UMB8005 In pursuit of excellence in IT education〔electronic resource〕 University of Macau University of Macau 1997 1 CD
UMB8026 Indoor barbecue : stories of murder & mystery Kelen, Kit English Department, FSH 2003 119 p.
UMB2007 Industrial Economy of Macau in the 1990s : Conference Proceedings Cremer, R.D. China Economic Research Centre 1990 83 p.
UMB2121 Instituto Politecnico de Macau Instituto Politecnico de Macau. Comissao para Ensino e Investigacao da Lingua Portuguesa Macau : Instituto Politecnico de Macau, 2010 2010 178 p.
UMB0041 Interrogativas em Portugues e em Chines : descricao, confronto e aplicacao didactica Pissarra, Raul Andrade Centro de Publicacoes 1999 66 p.
UMB0041 Introducao ao processo civil : tomo I (missing) Pires, Candida da Silva Antunes Universidada de Macau, Faculdade de Direito and Fundacao Macau 1996 158 p.
UMB0019 Japan and the Pearl River Delta = 日本と珠江デルタシンポジウム University of Macau Publications Centre 1997 264 p.
UMB0021 Jesuitas na Asia Braga, Jose Maria Universidade de Macau and Fundacao Macau ...etc. 1998 569 p.
UMB2096 Law and Social Sciences : Proceedings of the First Seminar Espadinha, Maria Antonia 澳門大學 2009 359 p.
UMB2080 Law, regulation and control issues of the asian gaming industry : proceedings of the First Conference of the Asian Academic Network on Commercial Gaming Industry Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming and University of Macau University of Macau, Industry Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming 2006 264 p.
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